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Bluetooth File Transfer (OBEX FTP) J2ME  v.1.10

Use your cell phone to manage files of any OBEX ready device that support File Transfer Profile (FTP), almost on all models today, with a Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth File Transfer OBEX FTP J2ME  v.1.35

Use your cell phone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device (File Transfer Profile - OBEX FTP)!

Bluetooth File Transfer OBEX FTP LITE  v.1.35

Use your cell phone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device (File Transfer Profile - OBEX FTP)!

Express Delegate  v.4.10

Express Delegate is an application created to help you manage files created by multiple users of Express Dictate, DialDictate or the MSRS to send the recordings automatically or manually to multiple typists using Express Scribe. If you are not

Bluetooth File Transfer LITE  v.1.50

Use your cell phone to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device (File Transfer Profile - OBEX FTP)!

Context Magic  v.1.0.b5

Context Magic is a Windows Explorer context menu extension that greatly extends functionality of the standard Send To menu and allows to manage files and folders with a few mouse clicks.

The last days ch1  v.1.0

Chmod to manage files and the last days freeware. Helps you determine file permission values. If you want more help, visit my

EFile  v.4.6.053

eFile 4.6.053 offers you a useful network tool to manage files of different types stored either directly on the BlackBerry or on a corporate network. Users can create folders, rename files and move them between directories in a one-step

Pocket Explorer  v.2.20

You can use PocketExplorer to display and manage files and folders on your device. PocketExplorer requires approximately 100KB free storage on your Pocket

WCL PhoneExplorer  v.

The WCL PhoneExplorer has been designed to be extremely easy to use. The software allows the user to manage files on user's mobile phone, PDA or any other OBEX enabled device, connected through Bluetooth. The WCL PhoneExplorer supports: IVT

Ghost Installer  v.4.8.1

This version of Ghost Installer is a fully functional installer, which is able to manage files, registry entries, shortcuts, components and packages. The application includes a Standard User Interface, which means that you can use standard dialog

MBizGroup Uploader  v.2.0

Upload, download / manage files on the Internet, integrates with Windows Explorer; Supports drag and drop; preview certain file types and sharing files with friends. Backend supported by

Document Master List  v.0.1.0

The Document Master List (DML) is a dynamic website application to manage files. It supports a directory like content system with revision control, search (also in documents), user authentication and

Filer  v.2.31

Filer represents an alternative to display and manage files stored on your Topfield PVR. Filer ist eine alternative Möglichkeit, sich die Dateien, welche sich auf einem Topfield-Festplattenreceiver befinden, anzuschauen und zu

GIS Metadata Manager  v.1.1.01

The GIS Metadata Manager is a simple Java-based desktop application to manage files from geographic information systems (GIS) in a specified directory by grouping files into records, adding metadata and searching the metadata to find

Hierchical storage FileSystem  v.1.0

Hierachical storage management implemented as userspace filesystem. Manage files on CDas if they were on the

Php Admin Tools  v.0.0.9

PAT is a complete web application that allow to manage files (basic and advanced functions like compression in gz), ftp, and database all in one. Designed to reproduce a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with drop-down and context menu for easy

Php postgres web interface library  v.4

phpPgWeb is a library to create in a simple way an autoconfiguring web interface to postgresql databases.It is also manually configurable.It manage table dependences. It manage files(large object), for example images (create automatically

Samsung Yepp-NEU USB explorer/manager  v.0.0.4

Yex is a C++ library and a simple text frontend that can manage files on aSamsung Yepp-NEU Usb Mp3 player (USB IDS: Vendor 0x4E8, Product

Synapse  v.0.1.1

Synapse is the filemanager designed over the Hyppocampus relational filesystem ( it permit to manage files, metadata and contents provided dynamically from the filesystem. It is the filemanager for the BrainTop desktop

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